Sunset Vet is primarily a first-opinion practice, but we are happy to take referrals from any veterinary colleagues that believe our facilities or expertise can benefit their patients.

In order for an animal to be referred to Sunset Vet from another clinic, first it has to be declared 'fit to travel' by the referring vet. If an animal is in an unstable, critical condition then it may be wiser to continue treating that animal at the clinic where it presented, rather than risk its life due to the stresses of transporting it to another clinic. An example of this might be an animal with severe breathing difficulty.

If an owner would like their pet referred to Sunset Vet for further diagnostics or treatment, it is very important that accompanying the animal is a full medical history and specific details of medications already given in the hours, days and weeks up to that point (including the name of the drug, dose given and date/time of administration).

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