Medicated Grooming

For simple grooming of healthy animals, please call our in-house grooming team, 'Sunset Grooming'. Our 'medical grooming' service is more suitable for special cases...

Some pets like being groomed and the attention it brings them, others loathe it. We offer a grooming service for the following types of pets:

  1. Pets with skin problems that require medicated shampooing
  2. Pets that are nervous or simply hate being groomed, we give a light sedative to these pets to help them relax

If your pet falls in to one of these categories, then our grooming service might be of interest to you. If you have ever thought 'it would be lovely to give him/her a really good shampooing, clip nails, clean ears etc - but he/she won't let us', then grooming under mild sedation is something you should consider doing. This is very common in the West. In fact, it is arguably kinder because the animal is less stressed during the procedure, and the low dose of sedative used makes it very safe. We offer this service because grooming salons cannot give sedatives, they can only be administered under the supervision of a vet.

Any animal being groomed (shampooing and/or hair brushing and/or hair cut) will also:

  • Be checked over by a vet
  • Have his/her ears cleaned thoroughly
  • Have his/her nails clipped (on request)
  • Have his/her anal glands emptied
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