Medical boarding for cats

We are often asked "do you do boarding for dogs and cats?" The answer is generally no unless it is 'medical' boarding - animals with medical conditions or those that are recovering from illness.

Boarding for dogs

Sunset Vet does not have open runs or a garden to allow dogs to be exercised during their stay. In our opinion, it is unfair to keep a healthy dog kennelled for long periods. Dogs suffer from boredom too! Therefore we do not offer boarding facilities for dogs, unless that dog has a medical condition that requires monitoring or therapeutic intervention. Please note that for any dog that is boarding with us due to a chronic medical condition, we require evidence of kennel cough vaccination prior to arrival. This immunization can be provided by ourselves if necessary in the week preceding the boarding.

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Boarding for cats

Cats are much lower maintenance then dogs, as they do not strictly require outside space for mental stimulation. Nevertheless a hospital is a place for sick animals, many of which have contagious diseases, so we do not recommend boarding healthy cats in this environment if there are other options available. However we will accept cats for boarding in certain circumstances, such as cats on medication, or those that require nursing care that is beyond the capabilities of a regular cattery. All boarding cats must have up to date cat flu vaccination prior to arrival.

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