What we do...

Whether it's routine vaccinations, worming, neutering and general health checks, or dealing with a life-threatening emergency like a road traffic accident, poisoning or snake bite, we have the facilities and expertise to keep your pet healthy and safe.

  • Our facilities

    Our facilities

    Digital radiography, Computed Tomography, ultrasound, full haematology and biochemistry blood testing machines in house, sophisticated anaesthetic monitoring equipment...everything you'd expect from a first class veterinary practice.

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  • Neutering


    As a dog owner it is sometimes difficult to make decisions about what is right for your pet, especially with many veterinarians and pet professionals having at times conflicting views on the pros and cons of neutering.

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  • Vaccinations


    Bali is rife with infectious diseases, with the large unvaccinated stray dog and cat population acting as a reservoir of infection. It is vital that your pet keeps a protective level of antibodies against these diseases.

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  • De-worming


    Of the ailments pets can suffer from, worms may not be the most dangerous to an animal’s health, but they are one of the most unpleasant from an owner’s perspective.

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  • Routine Health Checks

    Routine Health Checks

    Booking a routine health check allows us to identify and treat any potential problem early - leading to a better outcome. For geriatric pets (dogs >8yrs and cats >12yrs) we recommend a health check at least every 6 months.

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  • A 3-step pet health plan

    A 3-step pet health plan

    What can you do to give your pet maximum protection against all of the bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases that are present in Bali? Follow our 3-step Pet Health Plan...

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  • Emergency Treatment

    Emergency Treatment

    Sunset Vet has staff on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including all public holidays (even during Nyepi). Our night staff are on shift so you won't be waking anyone up when you call us at 2am!

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  • Major and Minor Surgery

    Major and Minor Surgery

    We can perform all of the standard surgeries that would typically be managed without referral in a Western first opinion veterinary clinic.

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  • Dentistry


    Pets cannot brush their own teeth. This may seem like stating the obvious, but there are a huge number of dogs and cats out there with severe dental disease that desperately need treatment.

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  • Home Visits

    Home Visits

    Sick of traffic? We can come to you! However it is better and safer to have an appointment in a clinic setting where possible. Our ambulances are for ROUTINE pre-planned visits only, NOT EMERGENCIES.

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  • Medicated Grooming

    Medicated Grooming

    For simple grooming of healthy animals, please call our in-house grooming team, 'Sunset Grooming'. Our 'medical grooming' service is more suitable for special cases...

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  • Medical boarding for cats

    Medical boarding for cats

    We are often asked "do you do boarding for dogs and cats?" The answer is generally no unless it is 'medical' boarding - animals with medical conditions or those that are recovering from illness.

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  • Referrals


    Sunset Vet is primarily a first-opinion practice, but we are happy to take referrals from any veterinary colleagues that believe our facilities or expertise can benefit their patients.

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  • Help a stray cat

    Help a stray cat

    Do you have a cat living in your street, garden or roof even, that is continually getting pregnant? Are you fed-up with the heartbreaking sight of kittens struggling to survive on the street? We can help...

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  • Second opinions

    Second opinions

    A second opinion differs from a referral because the referral is suggested and coordinated by the first-opinion vet, whereas the second opinion is requested and coordinated by the owner.

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