Home Visits

Many vets in Bali offer home visits. We can also visit your pet at home, but it is generally better and safer to have an appointment in a clinic setting. Our ambulance is for ROUTINE pre-planned visits only, NOT EMERGENCIES.

'Do you do home visits?' is one of the most frequently asked questions we get. The answer - yes, but we prefer not to if possible. For a simple vaccination in a perfectly healthy dog or cat, sure a home visit may be fine. But preceding every vaccination, if done properly, comes a routine health check. Here are some examples of situations when the vet might need to be at the clinic.

  • The vet finds a lump during the routine examination. He/she cannot do a quick biopsy there and then to check for malignancy - instead they have to schedule another appointment at the clinic.
  • The owner mentions in passing that their dog drinks a lot. If the vet were at the clinic, they could run a quick blood test to screen for common diseases that cause this symptom.
  • The vet wishes to dispense a medicine that is not one of the common ones stored in the ambulance, but is on the shelf in the clinic pharmacy.
  • The vet wants to weigh the dog/cat accurately, difficult to do without platform weighing scales such as those in the clinic.
  • The vet finds the dog/cat has some skin disease, and needs to run some quick tests in the lab to check whether it is mites, ringworm, bacterial infection etc. Impossible to do in the field.

In summary, we are happy to do home visits if you prefer them (subject to the availability of our ambulance and the location), but we would urge you to consider bringing your pet to the clinic instead as this allows us to deliver the maximum level of care possible.

Furthermore, for emergencies that are critical cases needing immediate treatment and oxygen support, it may be safer if you bring your pet to the NEAREST VETERINARY CLINIC THAT IS OPEN.

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