Help a stray cat

Do you have a cat living in your street, garden or roof even, that is continually getting pregnant? Are you fed-up with the heartbreaking sight of kittens struggling to survive on the street? We can help...

We have safe, humane cat traps that we can use to catch and neuter the stray cat in your street/garden/roof.

This is beneficial for both male and female strays. NOTE: at the moment this service is available for clients of Sunset Vet Kuta only.

Stray Tomcats

Uncastrated males spend much of their lives hunting for females to impregnate and marking territory (i.e. spraying urine in your garden!) If you have a cat yourself, this intrusion into your cats' territory is highly stressful for your cat. Furthermore, uncastrated male cats are more likely to get into fights with other cats due to territorial squabbles, and therefore more likely to suffer injuries such as cat bite abscesses. Finally, the fighting and sex lead to transmission of viruses such as FIV (cat AIDS) and Feline Leukaemia Virus, both of which massively shorten life expectency. All in all, male cats not being used for breeding should be neutered, especially strays that are likely to spread disease.

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Stray Female

The mortality rate among newborns from stray cats is huge. This suffering is easily avoided by simply catching and neutering any stray adult female. Not only does it prevent the heartbreaking sight of starving and frail kittens dying on the street, or being callously dumped as so often ends up happening, it also gives the adult female a far less stressful life.

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How we do it!

(note: at the moment only available for Sunset Vet Kuta clients)

  1. Call or email us to inform us you have a stray that you would like neutered
  2. Our ambulance comes to your home and sets up the cat trap with bait (pending trap availability)
  3. You monitor the trap daily and call us as soon as the cat is inside
  4. We collect the cat and trap
  5. The cat is neutered, de-wormed, de-flead, and given a thorough check over
  6. We return the cat to the location it was trapped 48 hours later

NOTE: If the cat is not in the trap within 48hrs of setting it, the trap must be moved or the bait changed.

If you would like us to also vaccinate the cat at the time of sterilisation please inform our staff, note that this is at an additional charge.

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We offer this service for a cost of Rp. 600,000 (not including pick-up and drop-off fees to cover driver and petrol which are location dependent). We also take a Rp.2,000,000 deposit prior to setting the trap, which is refunded in full when the trap is returned.

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