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Practice News and General Bali Pet News

Pet news from Bali and elsewhere in in the Indonesian archipelago

Sunset Vet’s Community Sterilisation Days

Sunset Vet work with a number of local animal welfare organisations to offer vets pro bono for free sterilisation and vaccination days. These days typically occur several times per month and target rabies and population control of both local stray dogs and pets of low-income Balinese families. Read more

Sunset Vet Opens in Ubud!

Sunset Vet announced in May 2015 the opening of a new branch veterinary clinic in Ubud. Sunset Vet Ubud has all the modern diagnostic facilities found in their main Kuta branch such as digital Xray, ultrasound and a full surgical theatre. Read more

Sunset Vet launches GPS dog collars

With dog theft being such a major problem in Bali, Sunset Vet are offering clients the possibility to purchase GSP tracking collars for their pets. These collars allow the owner to see the exact location of their pet on Google Maps through their smartphone. Read more

Sunset Vet Birthday and Charity Fundraiser

Thursday 27th March 2014 saw hundreds of people join the party at Sunset Vet in celebration of their first birthday and to raise much needed funds for disadvantaged kids and street dogs in Bali. The fun-filled evening was to support Yayasan Sole Men Indonesia, Holly's Queue, I Love Bali Dogs and Saving Bali Puppies and Dogs. Read more